How to Report an Uber Accident

A man is calling at the scene of a car accident

After an accident, drivers are instructed to contact Uber for information about what happens next. They also need to learn about the claim process, such as filing a police report and completing necessary paperwork for insurance purposes. A driver can report an accident through the Uber app under “help.” Uber may require the driver to get a police report number and a statement from all the parties (drivers) involved in the accident. It may also ask the driver to submit photos of the vehicle and any damages.

Uber car accident lawyers might advise an Uber driver involved in a crash to avoid admitting fault and wait at least 24 hours after the incident before returning to work. In the event of an injury, the driver may need to see a doctor immediately and contact his or her insurance company as soon as possible.

What Happens After a Driver Reports an Uber Accident?

Once a driver reports an accident, it is usually up to Uber’s discretion to investigate the incident further. If it investigates, the company will have a representative speak with the parties involved. The representative will then file a full vehicle damage report. If an investigation is necessary, Uber may conduct a review by speaking to witnesses and opening a case on the system to request additional information from the driver.

Getting a Police Report

A police report is mandatory when filing a claim with Uber. A driver should know what the report constitutes and try to provide a detailed account of the accident as possible. Knowing where and when the accident happened, for instance, will help any insurance claims or lawsuits that might occur down the road.

Knowing if there were any witnesses to the accident and having their contact information is also important. Police officers will ask for the driver’s licenses and Uber information to file an accident report. A copy of the police report would come in handy should an injured driver decide to file an injury claim.

How Uber Pays for Damages

Uber’s insurance policy covers up to $1 million, including the driver’s medical bills, time off work, and damage caused to the client’s property. If a passenger gets hurt in an Uber accident, he or she also has the right to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for damages.