Injured Uber Driver? Here’s What to Do

Uber driver

Uber drivers who get hurt in an accident should assess the extent of the injuries, check if the passengers are okay, move to safety, call law enforcement officers, gather information, document the accident, see a doctor, and notify Uber about the accident. By following the right steps, the injured Uber driver lowers his or her risk of long-term injuries and increases the odds of obtaining reasonable compensation.

Steps that an Injured Uber Driver Should Follow

Checking for Injuries

The first step that an Uber driver should take after an accident is to check himself or herself for injuries. If the driver is seriously injured, he or she should avoid unnecessary movements and wait for emergency services.

Checking Whether Passengers Are Okay

If the driver isn’t too injured to move, he or she should check whether passengers in the car are okay. If anyone is hurt, he or she should call emergency personnel or request a bystander to call for assistance.

Getting to Safety

The driver should move to a walkway or to the side of the road if he or she can move.

Calling Law Enforcement Officers

Whether an accident falls in the category of a major crash or minor fender-bender, contacting law enforcement officers is crucial and legally mandatory in some states. The responding police officers will prepare a report and document the accident scene. If the law enforcement officers can’t show up at the accident scene, the Uber driver should visit the nearest police station and fill out the report himself or herself. A detailed accident report can increase the odds of an injured Uber driver obtaining reasonable compensation from Uber’s insurance program.

Gathering Information

If the Uber driver isn’t too hurt, he or she should gather as much valuable information as possible. He or she should be sure to note down the name of the other driver, vehicle’s number, and request a copy of the driver’s license. He or she should also obtain the name and contact information of any eyewitnesses at the scene of the accident.

Eyewitnesses tend to leave the scene of the accident before the arrival of law enforcement officers. Consequently, by the time responding officers arrive at the scene, crucial eyewitnesses may have left. This may leave the injured driver in a situation where it’s his or her word against the other driver’s. However, by jotting down the witness contact information, there will be someone to corroborate the injured driver’s account.

Documenting the Accident

Strong evidence improves the chances of the injured Uber driver obtaining maximum compensation from his or her rideshare company. Documenting the accident is one of the effective ways to collect evidence. The following are steps for documenting the accident:

  1. Identifying the Responding Officers

Once law enforcement officers show up at the scene of the accident, the driver should note down their names and badge numbers.

  1. Getting a Copy of the Accident Report

Once the responding officers have filled out the accident report, the Uber driver should request a copy of it. Uber’s insurance program may request a copy of the report when the driver makes a car accident claim.

  1. Taking Pictures and Videos

The driver should take pictures of his or her car from a wide range of angles. He or she should ensure the pictures are displaying damages done to the vehicle. Taking photos of the license plate of the other vehicle is a wise idea. Capturing videos of the crash scene is also advisable.

  1. Collecting Information About all Parties Involved

Jotting down the names and contact details of all parties involved in the accident is extremely important. This includes, but is not limited to, passengers in the other car.

Notifying Uber about the Accident

Letting Uber know about the accident is another crucial step that an Uber driver should take after an accident. Uber advises drivers to use the app to report an accident. The injured driver should, however, proceed with caution when informing Uber what transpired. The driver should keep in mind that oral and written statements can be used against him or her in the insurance claim. Victims should, therefore, try to keep the report as simple as possible.

Visiting a Doctor Immediately After an Accident

Las Vegas car accident attorneys often assert that medical issues may take some time before becoming obvious. They frequently advise Uber drivers involved who are in car accidents to see a doctor immediately after the crash. A doctor can sometimes examine an accident victim and determine whether or not there is something wrong with his or her body even before the injury becomes noticeable. The injured driver should also keep a pain journal, which can prove helpful in a personal injury claim.