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When is it Too Late to Get a Lawyer For a Car Accident?

Following a car accident, victims need to hire a qualified attorney as soon as possible before the state’s statute of limitations passes. The statute of limitations will vary depending on the state where the accident took place and will dictate how long individuals have to file a claim or lawsuit[…]

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident in Las Vegas?

Reporting an accident to the police and noting down crucial information about the fleeing motorist are the key steps for victims to take following a hit-and-run accident. Recording witnesses’ details, documenting the accident scene, seeing a doctor, involving a hit-and-run attorney, and filing a claim with the relevant insurance company[…]

Your Guide to Motorcycle Safety in Las Vegas

Choosing the right motorcycle, practicing operating it, wearing safety gear while riding, and performing regular motorcycle inspection and maintenance are crucial motorcycle safety tips. Riding sober, practicing defensive driving, and strictly adhering to all motorcycle and traffic laws in Las Vegas can also help prevent motorcycle accidents. While motorcycles provide[…]

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