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How to Sue a Company For a Faulty Product

You have the right to sue a company for a faulty product that injured you or a loved one. You must prove four specific elements of a product liability claim to obtain fair compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. You must demonstrate that you sustained an injury from a[…]

Can You Sue For a Surgical Error?

You have the right to sue for a surgical error after suffering an injury caused by a surgeon’s negligence or carelessness. Each surgical procedure, however, carries certain risks. This realization informs most surgeons to have surgical patients sign an informed consent form. The consent form indicates that a patient is[…]

When Should You Sue For a Dog Bite?

Victims should sue for a dog bite if the animal attack causes an injury that requires medical treatment. The injuries that dog bite victims suffer are often severe, painful, and life-altering. It’s not uncommon for victims to require reconstructive surgery, suffer disfigurement, and rely on pain medications after a dog[…]

Who Is Entitled to Wrongful Death Benefits?

The death of a family member is a traumatic and life-altering experience. The resulting grief and pain is made even worse when a family member’s death results from another person’s negligent actions. Nevada law allows surviving family members to obtain financial compensation via a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death[…]

How to Find a Pedestrian Injury Lawyer

Getting hit by an automobile weighing over 2,000 pounds can lead to severe and fatal injuries to a pedestrian. With serious injuries come extensive medical bills and recovery times. Injured victims should find a pedestrian injury lawyer to fight for their rights and securing fair compensation after an accident. In[…]

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