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How Much Does a Truck Accident Lawsuit Cost?

In most cases, lawsuits after a truck accident cost almost nothing upfront for clients in Las Vegas. Typically, personal injury lawyers, including truck accident specialists, work on a contingency basis. These lawyers collect payment from their clients’ settlements or jury verdicts. Payment tends to be about a third of the[…]

When to File a NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

A parent or guardian of an infant who developed NEC after drinking contaminated baby formula can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer within two years of the child’s diagnosis. NEC is a life-threatening bacterial infection that inflames the intestinal tissue. The NEC baby formula lawsuit currently involves Mead and Abbot[…]

How Much Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Worth?

Depending on the circumstances of and damages resulting from a wrongful death, victims may be able to recover large settlements in a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Knowing more about how these cases work and the elements of the law they involve can help determine exactly how much a wrongful[…]

Who Is Liable for a Defective Medical Device?

You may file a product liability claim against the manufacturer, doctor, hospital/clinic, or retail supplier if you were injured or suffered losses due to a defective medical device. Defective medical devices may include ventilators, stents, pacemakers, and insulin pumps. A defective medical device lawsuit can be built based on product liability.[…]

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