Las Vegas Ranks Low for Driver Safety

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Las Vegas ranked low in a recent survey of the best drivers in America. This low ranking may explain why there are so many accidents in the city and surrounding areas.

Las Vegas Residents More Likely to File Accident Claims

Out of 200 cities across the nation, Las Vegas ranked 99th for America’s Best Drivers. The report was compiled by All State Insurance and included statistics about the frequency of motor vehicle accident claims and the likelihood of claims arising based on data from 2016. Las Vegas’ ranking was up from the year before when the city ranked 113. According to the report, the city’s drivers are ten percent more likely to have an accident claim when compared to the national average. However, North Las Vegas was considered even more unsafe with a ranking of 114 in the nation. In comparison, Reno ranked 10th for safest cities, and Henderson was ranked as the 53rd safest city.

Common Factors Leading to Car Accidents in Las Vegas

There are several factors that increase the occurrence of accidents in Las Vegas. Some of the most common include:

  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving continues to be one of the most influential factors in accidents in all locations. Drivers who text and drive, use cellphones, fiddle with the GPS or radio, eat or drink, or talk to passengers take their eyes and attention off the road. In Las Vegas, bright lights and bustle can create even more distractions.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Las Vegas leads the country in DUI-related car accidents. Drivers who consume alcohol or do drugs are at a heightened risk of causing an accident.
  • Tourism: Tourism is a large industry in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it often results in congested roads, tourists who are distracted as they search for their destinations and drivers who are unfamiliar with the area.

Avoiding Car Accidents in Las Vegas

There are a few ways to reduce the likelihood of being involved in Allstate’s statistical report next year. Drivers should take care of all non-traffic related tasks before getting in the vehicle so that their attention is on the road. They should also arrange for alternative transportation when they plan on drinking and be sure to obey all traffic laws.

Despite the safety precautions drivers take, accidents may still occur. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can assist accident victims harmed by negligent drivers.