The Risks of Distracted Driving

a driver texting while driving

It is a very dangerous driving trend that causes over 3,000 traffic-related deaths each year. It’s called distracted driving. The danger this presents to drivers is reaching epidemic levels. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) analyzed commercial crashes for a single year. They concluded that text messaging while driving increases the risk of an accident occurring 23 times more than when a driver is not distracted.

Distracted Driving
It can take many forms. It is the act of engaging in activities that remove a driver’s focus away from the road. This could be anything from texting to talking on the phone, reading, watching videos and more. Distracted driving puts the safety of the drivers, passengers, other vehicles as well as bystanders at risk for an accident and injury.

Types Of Distracted Driving
There are three specific type so driving distractions. They are cognitive, visual and manual. Cognitive occurs when a driver is not thinking about driving. Their mind is not focused on what they’re doing. Visual involves a situation where the driver looks away from the road. Manual distraction involves the driver taking their hands off the driving wheel.

Young Drivers
Studies have show that young drivers have the highest incidents of distracted driving. Experts believe this is because young drivers often overestimate their abilities to do many things at once. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that at least 16 percent of young drivers involved in fatal vehicle crashes were distracted while driving.

Avoiding Distracted Driving
The best way to not cause an accident by distracted driving is to not do it. Experts recommend drivers put their cell phones away from them and out of reach while driving. Eating, reading or doing anything that makes a driver take their eyes away from the road should not be done. When drivers focus on what they’re doing, the chances of being in an accident decrease dramatically.

Danger Recognized
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey. The results showed that more than 90 percent of people who drive recognize the danger of distraction from cell phone use and other behaviors.

Las Vegas
According to the local news outlets, there has been a major crackdown on distracted driving in Las Vegas. Law enforcement agencies around the state have joined with the Nevada Highway Patrol to eliminate the impact of drivers who engage in any form of distracted driving. This would include talking on your cellphone, texting, putting on makeup while in your car and more. The state’s goal is to have zero traffic deaths in 2015 due to distracted driving.

Mainor Wirth
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