Driving Through the Haze

road in foggy condition, accident attorney

Foggy conditions can present a serious risk of accidents and injuries to Nevada motorists. Most fog in Nevada occurs around Elko, Reno, and Winnemucca. Once or twice a year, it also appears around Las Vegas or Ely. When fog appears, it is crucial for motorists to take active measures to protect themselves from the accidents that can occur.

Slow Down and Save Lives

Slowing down is the most important step drivers can take. Foggy conditions can considerably cut the driver’s visibility resulting in less time to react to obstructions in the road, pedestrians, or other vehicles. Slower speeds give the driver more time to maneuver and bring a vehicle to a stop. Similarly, motorists should allow extra space between their vehicle and vehicles in front of them.

Turn the Lights on

Headlights and taillights serve two functions in foggy conditions. They make it easier for the driver to see the road ahead and stay safely within the lane of travel. These lights also make it easier for oncoming traffic and vehicles following behind to see them. When driving in fog, motorists should never turn on their brights as this can actually blind the driver and further reduce their ability to see the road.

Stay Focused

Many drivers tune out the road while driving in fog. Psychologically, the mind tricks them into thinking they are the only vehicle on the road. However, driving in fog is a time for extra vigilance and drivers should turn down the radio, crack the window open, and minimize conversations with passengers so that they can focus on the road until the fog has cleared.

Pull over and Stop Safely

It is not safe to drive in heavy fog, and it is even less safe when the fog is covering narrow mountain roads that may be covered in ice and snow that the fog obscures. As such, many drivers choose to pull off on the side of the road and wait for the heavy fog to clear. However, this is a serious injury accident waiting to happen. Instead, motorists who find themselves in heavy fog should exit the road and pull into a gas station, parking lot, etc. where they won’t get rear-ended.