Pedestrian Dangers: Know The Rules Of The Road

Las Vegas pedestrians are injured and killed each year when they are crossing the street both at mid-block and at crosswalks. It is important for pedestrians and drivers alike to understand the dangers that pedestrians face and to be careful to minimize the risk of accidents. Motorists and pedestrians each have the responsibility to follow the state’s laws. Lawyers in Las Vegas represent victims in accidents that were caused by the negligence of drivers who breached their duties of care. In an effort to reduce traffic deaths caused by pedestrian accidents, the Nevada Department of Transportation is focusing on pedestrian safety as part of its zero fatalities initiative.

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infographic_Pedestrians and Traffic Laws

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, 92 pedestrians were killed between Jan. 1, 2015, and Feb. 26, 2016, and 73 pedestrians were killed in 2015. Between 2011 and 2015, 336 pedestrians were killed in the state and another 688 pedestrians suffered serious injuries. The agency reports that there has been a substantial increase in pedestrian fatalities in the past few years, and personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas are seeing increasing numbers of accidents involving pedestrians.

Lawyers In Las Vegas: Avoiding Dangers

In a recent case in Las Vegas, a girl was struck and killed while she was crossing the street legally in a crosswalk. The DOT reports that crosswalks exist at every intersection in the state regardless of whether or not there are markings. Her accident illustrates one of the problems that the agency has identified, which is the failure of drivers to watch out for pedestrians who are crossing the road or who are preparing to do so.

More pedestrians are injured or killed while crossing in the middle of the street where there are no crosswalks, however. Drivers have a duty to watch for pedestrians, and pedestrians likewise have a duty to watch for cars and to cross only at intersections or at crosswalks, tunnels or other legal crossings. It is also illegal for drivers to pass cars or to do U-turns in school areas when children are present, and drivers should also watch for pedestrians who are on the sides of the road who look as if they might try to cross it. Personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas want people to be safe and encourage them to be mindful of the dangers that pedestrians face.