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How Will Your Injury Lawyer in Nevada Get Paid?

Personal injury attorneys in Nevada typically collect contingency fees for the services they provide a plaintiff. With a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer receives a percentage of the client’s winnings as payment. This makes it possible for injured victims to pursue personal injury claims without having to front the cost[…]

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Keeping Your Cool When Traffic Heats Up

Managing stress and staying calm in traffic can reduce a motorist’s risk of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident. Warmer weather brings more motorists to Las Vegas, and this means more traffic to contend with. Learning how to remain calm can help driver’s stay focused on the road ahead.[…]

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Negligence Per Se in an Injury Case

In Nevada, individuals who break the law and cause an injury or wrongful death in the process are liable under the doctrine of negligence per se. Many accidents are the result of conscious decisions to violate the law. When an individual deliberately places others at risk of harm, the plaintiff[…]

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