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Dare to Drive Nevada’s Most Dangerous Roads

Motorists should be aware of Nevada’s most dangerous roads before they head out on their next trip. Some of the streets and highways that connect Nevada’s cities and towns present a considerable risk of car accidents for residents and tourists. Poor maintenance, dangerous driving behaviors, and distance from emergency services create hazards[…]

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Mopeds In Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

Mopeds are growing in popularity, and as their popularity grows, the number of Las Vegas accidents they are involved in is also rising. While these accidents have many similarities to motorcycle accidents, there are differences in the types of injuries riders experience and the distribution of fatalities. Mopeds may seem[…]

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When Lifeguard Systems Fail

Lifeguards who fail to act when swimmers are in danger negligently place people at risk and can be held liable for their failure to provide assistance. Just because a lifeguard is present doesn’t mean people are swimming in safe waters. Serious accidents when lifeguards are on duty are an all[…]

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