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Is Your Laptop Safe?

Lithium-ion batteries power everything from phones to laptops, and the power contained within these powerful batteries creates a strong potential for explosions and fires. When these devices fail and cause explosions or fires, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and maintenance technicians can be held liable for the personal injuries and deaths they[…]

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Have You Been Prescribed Dangerous Drugs?

Physicians are prescribing medications at unprecedented rates and many of these medications can cause harmful side effects, drug addictions and harmful interactions that can result in personal injuries and wrongful deaths. To protect themselves, consumers should actively research their prescription medications and verify that the drugs won’t cause unnecessary harm.[…]

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Driving Through the Haze

Foggy conditions can present a serious risk of accidents and injuries to Nevada motorists. Most fog in Nevada occurs around Elko, Reno, and Winnemucca. Once or twice a year, it also appears around Las Vegas or Ely. When fog appears, it is crucial for motorists to take active measures to[…]

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