Who Is Causing Car Accidents in Vegas?

a cyclist riding on street, Las Vegas car accident attorneys

Teen drivers, cyclists, and those engaged in certain lifestyles are more likely to cause an automobile accident than other demographics. According to Las Vegas Car Accident attorneys, there are many factors that can influence risk including age, experience, geography, education level, etc. Assessing these risks and taking proactive steps to address them is essential for reducing the rates of accidents and fatalities in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.

The Dangers of Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are three times more likely to cause an automobile accident than drivers who are over the age of 20. About 12.2% of all automobile accidents are caused by teen drivers. This is significantly higher than that for motorists who are over 65 which are responsible for just 7.5% of car accidents. This is why all 50 states have now instituted graduated driver’s license programs. These programs aim to reduce the risks teen drivers face and help protect the general public from harm.

Lifestyle Choices as Factors in Determining Risk

Lifestyle choices are often factors in determining an individual’s risk for involvement in a car accident. Stockbrokers, pilots, firefighters, and other professions that involve high stress and high risk are prone to driving faster and “closer to the edge” than scientists, teachers, and others engaged in tamer professions.

Choosing to live in a rural area can also increase risk. Rural drivers tend to drive faster because of higher speed limits. Coupled with gravel and dirt roads, and higher rates of drunk driving, rural drivers are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. However, because of greater population and closer proximity to other motorists, 80% of all accidents occur on urban streets.

Do Cyclists Cause Accidents?

Cyclists and drivers are equally responsible for causing automobile accidents, however, cyclists are twice as likely to be involved in a crash. Nationwide, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorists are only responsible for causing about 15% of cyclist accidents. Of course, when a vehicle strikes a cyclist, it is often the cyclist that ends up with the most severe injuries. When a cyclist’s actions cause an automobile accident, the rider can be held liable by Las Vegas car accident attorneys for the property damage and personal injuries that result from their actions.