Did Your Uber Passenger Cause Your Crash?

A crashed car is being towed

When a rideshare passenger’s actions contribute to causing a crash, injured victims can pursue claims against the individual. Further, when multiple parties are to blame, financial liability may be adjusted based on each entity’s share of fault for causing the accident.

Right to Refuse Service

Uber drivers have the right to refuse service to passengers who display drunken or unsafe behaviors. Drivers have the ability to deny access to their vehicles or end a trip before arriving at the scheduled destination. Drivers are well within their rights to protect themselves when a passenger’s actions or demeanor place them at risk. Exercising the right to refuse service is often the best strategy for drivers who want to prevent a crash. 

Establishing Negligence

It isn’t always possible to anticipate a hazardous passenger. When a passenger causes a crash, he or she can be held liable for negligent actions that interfere with the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. These actions could include creating distractions that prevent the driver from focusing on the road or physically assaulting the driver while the vehicle is in motion. They could include interfering with the driver’s sight, grabbing the wheel, or attempting to exit the vehicle before it has come to a complete stop.

Uber Liability

Uber provides $1 million in insurance coverage for drivers while they are driving for the company. This coverage starts when they are en route to pick-up the customer and ends when the customer leaves the vehicle. 

When an accident occurs, it is necessary for all parties involved to receive prompt medical treatment. Regardless of the cause of the accident, Uber drivers have a duty to their passengers to ensure they are properly treated following a crash even if they are responsible for causing the crash.

Establishing Fault & Pursuing Damages

Many Uber drivers install video cameras and other recording devices in their vehicles. These recordings can be presented as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. Following an accident caused by an Uber passenger, it is likely that Uber will pay the claim and pursue compensation from the passenger. Should Uber decide not to pursue damages against the passenger, the driver and their rideshare accident attorney in Las Vegas may still be able to pursue a claim against the individual.