Attention Parents: Your Teen’s Makeup May Contain Asbestos

Young girl is putting makeup on

In 2017, independent labs discovered asbestos in some cosmetic products manufactured and sold to young girls and teens. The two brands behind these asbestos-contaminated products were Retailer Justice and Claire’s.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement in March 2019, confirming that products from the two brands indeed had asbestos contamination. This news was particularly scary to parents since the two brands are available in malls throughout the country and many teens are fond of the products.

Asbestos: What Is it?

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral that occurs naturally. It has been proven to be carcinogenic. It causes mesothelioma, deadly cancer that attacks the abdomen, chest, and lungs. It also causes other forms of cancer and respiratory illnesses.

How Does Asbestos Find its Way into the Makeup?

Asbestos can be an impurity in talcum powder (talc), a naturally occurring mineral used in the manufacturing of makeup. Talc (magnesium silicate) is also used in various personal care products, such as baby powder. When it is mined, talc may consist of other silicate impurities, such as asbestos.

 A parent whose teen develops an asbestos-related illness due to regular use of makeup should contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney will answer all questions and help the parent establish if he or she has sufficient evidence to file an asbestos lawsuit. The attorney will also help the parent prove the manufacturer had a legal obligation to sell safe makeup to the teen and it breached this duty of care.

How Do People Get Exposed to Asbestos?

Other than cosmetics and personal care products, there are two main ways in which a person may get exposed to asbestos.

Property Contamination

A home that was constructed before the 1980s is likely to have asbestos in the floor tiles or insulation. Activities like renovation may make the fibers airborne and cause asbestos exposure to residents or workers on the site.

Occupational Exposure

An occupational illness is a condition that a person develops due to regular exposure to a toxin at work. An injury attorney can help a person who becomes sick due to daily asbestos exposure on the job recover damages by filing a workers’ compensation claim against the employer’s insurance and an injury lawsuit against the responsible party. The attorney will also help the injured person calculate the settlement amount he or she might get after successful litigation.