Rumble Strips Will Help Nevadan Drivers Save

Las vegas street, car accident

Nevada’s most recent road safety initiative should reduce the number of accidents on the state’s roadways, thereby lowering the costs to drivers involved in car crashes. The new centerline rumble strips will alert drivers when they are drifting into the other lane, which will help to reduce head-on and sideswipe crashes.

Over 40% of fatal car wrecks in Nevada is the result of head-on and run-off-the-road crashes, of which 60% take place in rural areas. After installing rumble strips along the edges of roads, the Nevada Department of Transportation reported a decline of run-off-the-road accidents of 42 percent.

In an effort to reduce the number of head-on collisions, the Nevada Department of Transportation will install rumble strips down the center of certain roadways, between the lanes of opposing traffic.

Each strip is 12 inches wide and consists of parallel grooves that are half an inch deep. When a car’s tires roll over them, the driver can feel a vibration and hear a loud sound, which alerts them to the danger.

After numerous studies, NDOT opted for rumble strips because they are cost-effective and can be installed relatively quickly.

Rumble strips also help correct drivers when they’re drifting without causing impact damage, which is a concern with concrete barriers. They’re also a good option for roads with only two lanes where there isn’t enough space to install other forms of barriers.

Car Accidents Are Expensive

A car crash can be expensive for everyone involved. While medical and vehicle repair costs first come to mind, legal costs, loss of earnings, and lost quality of life also have to be factored in.

The at-fault driver will have to deal with even more expenses, including higher insurance premiums. He or she could also have to pay at least part of the damages awarded to the injured party out of their pocket. They’re also likely to have to pay the fees of the victim’s lawyers. In Las Vegas, drivers already pay 39% more for insurance than the national average, so the at-fault party could end up with very expensive premiums, making things even more difficult.

With the installation of these centerline rumble strips, Nevada will not only improve safety conditions on the state’s roadways and save lives, but they’ll also be helping Nevadan drivers save a lot of money.