Liability for the Route 91 Shooting in Las Vegas

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Liability for the Las Vegas shooting that occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Festival may be shared by MGM Resorts, festival organizer Live Nation, and others whose actions led to or contributed to the loss of life, physical injuries, and psychological trauma that occurred. The actions and response of each of these entities are currently under investigation to determine the factors that led up to the incident and the response in the aftermath.

MGM Liability

The Mandalay Bay Casino is filled with security cameras and questions remain as to how Stephen Paddock was able to amass such a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition within the hotel without raising alarms. Further, staff did not check his room for three days prior to the incident or raise concerns when he installed his own security cameras outside his hotel room prior to the Las Vegas Shooting. There were multiple red flags that hotel security ignored prior to the shooting. Negligence on the part of hotel staff and security most certainly contributed to the events which unfolded on the evening of October 6th.

Live Nation

Live Nation may be responsible for failing to provide adequate security on the night of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. They may also be liable for failing to establish an emergency action plan to respond to terrorist threats including the provision of adequate exit routes for concert attendees. Video evidence from the shooting shows significant deficiencies on the part of concert security in response to the shooting. The delayed and haphazard response of security exposed concert goers to a significant risk of injury or death.

Slide Fire Solutions, LP

Fully automatic weapons are heavily regulated in the United States. The bump stock devices manufactured by Slide Fire Solutions, LP effectively allow individuals to convert semi-automatic firearms into fully-automatic firearms. This poses a considerable threat to public safety by allowing individuals to circumvent federal law regulating the purchase and use of fully-automatic weapons.

Potential Liability

Individuals who were injured or their survivors can pursue claims for general and punitive damages against MGM, Live Nation, Slide Fire Solutions, the shooter’s estate, and others responsible for the largest mass shooting in American history. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney for individuals injured in the shootings and the survivors of those who perished may pursue claims for medical expenses including medical treatment and counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, etc.