When Uber and Lyft Drivers Crash Rented Vehicles

A crashed car

Car rental agencies that profit from partnerships with Uber and Lyft are also liable for the accidents and injuries rideshare drivers cause. As ridesharing services spread across the country, this loosely regulated industry poses a significant risk to passengers. When ridesharing accidents occur in Nevada, it can be difficult to untangle who is liable for the car crash and how much damage they are responsible for covering.

Lyft Partners with Hertz

Last year, Hertz partnered with Lyft in San Antonio. The Lyft Express Drive program was designed to test the viability of allowing drivers to use rented vehicles to perform ridesharing services. This program served as a model for widespread adoption across the country and it complicates the potential liability claims of riders who suffer injuries or wrongful deaths in a ridesharing accident.

Tiered Liability Structures

Uber and Lyft have tiered liability structures. These determine how much liability coverage is extended at various points in a rider’s journey. Similarly, the liability structure for Lyft Express Drive is also tiered. When drivers are not logged in, the liability policy carried by Hertz provides coverage for $30,000 in a single-injury crash, and $60,000 in a multi-injury crash.

When a driver is logged into the ridesharing app, Lyft’s contingent liability policy provides coverage for up to $50,000 for a single-injury crash, and $100,000 for crashes involving multiple injuries. If an accident occurs when the driver is carrying a passenger or en route to picking up a passenger, then Lyft’s $1 million liability policy is in effect.

In all accidents, Hertz’s insurance policy covers damage to their vehicles, but not to other vehicles involved in the accident. Further, the policy limits are extremely low and even treatment for minor injuries can quickly exceed the coverage provided. In some cases, it may be necessary to pursue claims against multiple parties in order to secure fair and reasonable compensation for personal injuries, wrongful death, and property damage.

Untangling the Threads

Is the driver’s insurance liable? Is Lyft’s, Uber’s, or the rental agency’s insurance company liable? Car accident liability depends on when the accident occurred and who caused it. When an accident involving a rideshare agency occurs, a Las Vegas rideshare accident attorney can help untangle the often complex liability structure these companies have established to shield themselves.