Recent Bus Crashes Highlight Risks for Las Vegas Residents

black and white image of passengers in bus

Passenger buses, just like other large vehicles, are a tremendous danger to any pedestrian, motorcyclist, or passenger vehicle occupant. Statistics show that in large vehicle crashes, only 3% of the fatalities occur within the larger vehicle. But for passengers inside a passenger bus, there is always the risk of great injury or death in the case of a rollover accident or crash with another vehicle. Two recent accidents in Las Vegas highlight this danger.

In mid-January, a Korean visitor to the Consumer Electronics Show was struck and killed from behind by a public bus. In the investigation following the deadly accident, an eyewitness testified that the bus driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel before leaving the roadway and slamming into the bus stop where the passenger waited. It was a gruesome accident that could have been prevented by better rest policies for Las Vegas bus drivers, who routinely must drive 10 hour shifts on less than three hours of sleep due to scheduling practices.

Passenger Buses Create Risk for Riders

The latest accident to involve a large passenger vehicle occurred on Interstate 15, causing multiple types of injuries to thirteen occupants of the bus. The bus riders were being transported as part of a helicopter tour package when a mid-sized sedan crossed multiple lanes of traffic and slammed into the side of the passenger bus. The bus then flipped onto its side before coming to a stop. The driver of the sedan was jailed on suspicion of drunk driving, and one passenger remained hospitalized in critical condition.

In this latest incident, there was no loss of life, but passenger buses create multiple risk factors in the case of an accident. While they do have many advantages in an accident, such as size and a trained driver, they also present multiple dangers for their passengers, including:

  • Increased stopping time
  • Decreased maneuverability
  • Large numbers of potential victims

Pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers on the road all face risks from passenger buses. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help to inform victims in these accidents of their rights when the worst case scenario occurs. With risks from other drivers on the roads and the overworked status of many bus drivers, Las Vegas can expect even more similar accidents in the future.