Predictive Technology to Reduce Car Accidents

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Accident rates could be reduced by the development of predictive technology that can identify areas prone to congestion and the potential for automobile accidents. There are several systems currently in development by companies including Israel based Waycare. These systems compile data from in-vehicle navigation systems, traffic signals, weather monitoring stations, and other sources with the goal of reducing the number of accidents.

Crunching the Data

The data is processed to create accurate, real-time information that shows current road conditions and traffic patterns. In turn, this information is processed by artificial intelligence that identifies factors that could cause accidents. This information is relayed to transportation officials who can use the predictive analytics to alter traffic flow, position law enforcement, salt/sand roads, etc. In theory, this will reduce the number of traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Las Vegas Pilot

Waycare is working with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to test their predictive analytics platform in the Las Vegas area. This is the first such program in the United States and it is being tested on US 95 to the west of I-15 and on I-15 south of Charleston Boulevard. The platform relies on historical data as a foundation for previous traffic flow and accident patterns. This data is then combined with real-time data including weather conditions, vehicle locations, traffic speeds, vehicle occupancy, etc. to predict weather conditions are creating the potential for automobile accidents.

The system is far more intelligent and advanced than the current system of cameras and sensors positioned within the city. In fact, much of this data is underutilized. Waycare’s system is estimated to be 200 times more powerful because it brings everything together and crunches the data to provide real-time solutions that law enforcement, road crews, and emergency responders can utilize to prevent, respond to, and mitigate accident risk.

Predictive Analytics and Driving Safety

The systems under development by Waycare and other companies could be combined with self-driving vehicle technology and advanced navigation systems that could steer drivers down different paths and away from potential accidents. These systems could also be held responsible by an auto accident attorney in Las Vegas if they steer a driver into an accident. For now, the technology is still in its early stages of development and drivers will have to wait for some time until its safety and effectiveness are proven in real-world application.