Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Defect Increases Crash Risk

Off-road vehicle

Polaris Industries Inc. has issued two recalls that impact over 30,000 off-road vehicles sold between November 2017 and March 2020 because of defective throttle issues that pose a crash risk.

The first recall involves a software issue that may cause the throttle to remain in gear. This could cause the vehicle to suddenly accelerate, even with the key in the “off” position. The second recall affects additional ATVs that may have throttles that were damaged during shipping. The throttle lever stop may fail, prohibiting the driver from controlling the vehicle speed.

Recall Details of the Polaris Vehicles

Polaris is a popular manufacturer of utility and all-terrain vehicles. Unfortunately, thousands of the more recent models have come off the assembly line with a default that creates a crash risk. The recalls, announced on July 2, covered the Polaris Ranger and General Utility vehicles and the Polaris Phoenix 200 All-Terrain Vehicles. The model years range from 2018 to 2020.

According to the first recall notice, a software defect may cause the throttle to fail to return to the idle position after a stall. If the vehicle is started while it is in gear, it could accelerate unexpectedly. Approximately 28,060 Polaris vehicles are impacted by the defect.

In the second recall, which affects an estimated 3,045 vehicles, damaged throttles could fail and keep the driver from having sufficient vehicle speed control. Polaris has received at least five reports related to the second recall.

What to Do with an Affected Vehicle

Using a vehicle with a defective throttle puts the owner at risk for a crash. Polaris owners who have a vehicle affected by the recalls are advised to stop using the UTVs and ATVs immediately and schedule an appointment to have them inspected and repaired for free by their nearest Polaris dealer.

Manufacturers have a legal obligation to provide safe vehicles for their customers to drive and operate. Recalls must be detailed with instructions that further protect the product’s owner from injury or other risks. Even with a recall, however, the manufacturer may still be able to be held liable for injuries. People who are injured by defective products often choose to work with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.