New Yellow Dot Program on Track to Save Lives

yellow dot logo

The Yellow Dot Program is now available in Nevada.  This program provides first responders with important information in case of an auto accident.  A yellow dot is placed in the rear left window of the vehicle.  This alerts first responders that important medical information is located in the glove box.

The Yellow Dot Program was put into effect by the Nevada State Legislature in 2015.  The program is required to be available in counties with populations over 700,000.  The kit includes:

  • A yellow dot sticker
  • Photo and name of driver
  • Names of typical occupants
  • Emergency contact information
  • Allergies or medical conditions of driver and occupants
  • Physician and insurance information

This free program is intended to decrease treatment times and to save lives.  If the occupants of a vehicle are unresponsive and unable to communicate with first responders, the information from the kit can be vital.  This information could then be used to provide critical care immediately after the crash.

The kits are available from several agencies, including the city of Las Vegas, the city of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas-Clark County library district, various fire and police stations, and family resource centers.  Kits can be used for drivers and occupants.  No registration is needed with the state or county.

The Yellow Dot Program is designed to improve the outcome of an auto accident. However, as communities grow traffic continues to increase.  This can lead to an increase in accidents.  Automobile accidents can be minor or severe, resulting in many types of injuries.

Car accidents can also have long term effects on health and finances.  An auto accident lawyer can help to inform victims of their legal rights after a crash.  Nevada is an “at-fault” state.  This means that fault must be determined.  The party responsible must also pay compensation.  Partial blame can be assigned, which can affect the amount of compensation owed.

Victims of a crash have several options when seeking compensation.  They can file a claim on the other driver’s insurance, they can file the claim on their own insurance, or they can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.  An experienced auto accident lawyer can provide legal assistance in case of a lawsuit.