See a Doctor ASAP After an Accident

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Automobile accident survivors should seek immediate medical treatment because many injuries can manifest themselves in the days and weeks following a motor vehicle crash. In addition to potentially life-threatening complications, failure to document the causes of these injuries can impact the individual’s claim.

Delayed Diagnosis = Delayed Treatment

Delayed diagnosis leads to delayed treatment which results in delayed recovery. It may also create complications that are more difficult to treat which can further impact the individual’s health, earning capacity, and mortality.

Many soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, ligament strains, and even small fractures can become worse and lead to persistent, chronic pain that can negatively impact the individual’s life and lifestyle for months and even years after an automobile accident in Nevada. Due to the potentially serious consequences of a crash, individuals should never delay treatment or a legal consultation with a Las Vegas accident attorney following a motor vehicle crash in Nevada.

Thinking Everything is Ok When it is Not Ok

Following an automobile accident, hormones within the body spike. This is part of the body’s standard defense mechanism against injury. For example, adrenaline is a neurotransmitter that boosts the individual’s energy levels and helps reduce the sense of pain. This hormone spikes sharply during a car crash and it can take hours for its effects to wear off.

During this time period, the hormone essentially numbs pain receptors so that the individual can extricate themselves from the threatening situation. When the hormone returns to normal levels within the bloodstream, the individual begins to feel the aches and pains.

Delaying Treatment is a Costly Mistake

Individuals often avoid seeking emergency medical treatment under the false assumption that they will save money by doing so. The fact is that delaying treatment can make the necessary treatment more expensive. If internal injuries are present, such as bruised organs or internal bleeding, it is a mistake that can also cost individuals their lives.

Delaying treatment is a common reason that insurance companies may deny a claim. Without documentation including medical records, dash cam recordings, etc., that clearly identify the accident as the cause of the individual’s injuries, they can argue that the cause is something else and that they are not responsible for the medical expenses and treatment required for the individual’s recovery.