When You Are the Victim of a Hit and Run Accident and You Don’t Have UIM

upset man sitting in front of a car wreck, injury lawyer

Motorists who are involved in hit and run accidents and do not carry uninsured motorist coverage may be able to pursue other avenues to recover compensation for damages. Health insurance or Med Pay coverage may pick up the tab for most of the victim’s medical bills. Recovering compensation for property damage, lost wages and other damages, however, often requires tracking down the at-fault driver and filing a civil suit.

Tracking Down the Driver

Hit and run accidents are fairly common in Nevada and these accidents often involve motorists who do not have insurance coverage. Lack of coverage is one of the most common reasons offenders flee the scene of accidents. Under Nevada law, it is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an automobile accident. When a hit and run crash occurs, victims should record as many details as possible to assist the police in finding the offender. This includes recording license plate numbers and noting important details about the vehicle including the vehicle make, model, color, condition, etc. Whenever possible, it’s also advisable to note information about the driver including age, gender, and any physical attributes.

Victims should also gather eyewitness statements and contact information following a hit and run accident. The more people that can provide details about the crash to assist law enforcement, the better. Individuals who are apprehended can be pursued in civil suits in addition to facing significant criminal penalties.

Documenting the Damage & Pursuing Compensation

Motorists should document the damage with the police and their insurance company. If personal injuries were suffered, victims should seek prompt treatment and keep solid records of their medical care and prognosis for recovery.

In most cases, individuals who are victims of hit and run crashes will need to file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation for damages that are not covered by insurance policies. Because this can be a tedious process with no guarantees for recovering compensation from an uninsured motorist, it is advisable to secure UIM coverage prior to becoming the victim of a hit and run accident. In most cases, this coverage costs just a few dollars a month and it provides protection against the growing number of hit and run accidents that are happening in Nevada.