Characteristics of Fatality Crashes in Vegas

black and white image of a car rolled over on a poor road

Fatality crashes in Las Vegas fall into the following main categories: driver characteristics, vehicle characteristics, and environmental characteristics. Knowing how these characteristics influence fatal crashes can help reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities in Las Vegas.

Driver Characteristics

Age, gender, conduct, and distractions are the key driver characteristics that could influence the risk of a fatality happening. A 2002 study by Bedard and other researchers found that the older the driver, the higher the risk of a fatal injury happening. The same study found that male drivers below 30 years of age had higher odds of getting into fatal crashes than their female counterparts of the same age.

The driver’s conduct before the crash is also a crucial consideration. These conducts could range from changing lanes to performing inadequate evasive action to drug usage or fatigue. Distracted driving is another major contributor to fatal crashes. In Las Vegas, a car accident attorney determines what transpired in the moments before the accident by carefully reviewing driver statements, surveillance footage, cell phone records, and more. This enables the attorney to determine whether or not the other driver was distracted.

Vehicle Characteristics

Vehicle type and presence of airbags are some of the vehicle characteristics that may affect the risk of a fatal crash occurring. Vehicle type is an important consideration, as some vehicles are deemed safer than others. According to Bedard and other researchers, airbags seem to have a protective effect on people aged between 40 and 60 years.

Environmental Characteristics

Weather, road condition, time of the day, day of the week, and months of the year are some of the environmental issues that contribute to fatal crashes in Las Vegas. Weather, including heavy rain, high winds, fog, and other atmospheric conditions, frequently affect the driver’s visibility, hearing, and even ability to operate the vehicle properly and can cause fatal crashes.

Unfavorable road conditions, such as potholes, ice, wetness, and construction, can also increase the odds of more crashes happening. These conditions make it difficult to control the vehicle, especially if the driver isn’t aware of the situation or is driving recklessly. The streets of Las Vegas and Clark County are usually busy from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. when many locals are reporting to their jobs and from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. when they are heading home. Fatal crashes are likely to be high during these busiest times of the day.