Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right of Way?

pedestrians crossing the street

A pedestrian is defined as a person who travels by foot. Millions of pedestrians are injured each year while walking or running, and this is a serious concern.

Especially in Las Vegas, where foot traffic is extremely heavy down the famous Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard. It is estimated that 17 percent of fatal traffic accidents involve pedestrians.

Because pedestrian accidents are dangerous, it would seem as though a pedestrian has the right of way all of the time. However, this is false.

Pedestrians do have the right of way when they are at a crosswalk. The vast majority of intersections have a crosswalk for pedestrians. Crosswalks are typically located at the corner, but they may also be found in the middle of a block. Interestingly, if a pedestrian is hit while crossing the street and is not in the crosswalk, then he or she would be the one at fault if a wreck occurred.  It can be difficult to assess fault in these types of pedestrian accidents.

Most people are taught at a young age that they should look both ways before crossing a street. However, your safest and best option would be to use a crosswalk AND look both ways before crossing.  While pedestrians do not have the right of way all of the time, drivers are not entirely off of the hook when they hit pedestrians in non-crosswalk zones.

Below are five tips that will help you avoid hitting a pedestrian:

1.) Always brake for a person who is walking.

2.) Before you get into a crosswalk, you should stop.

3.) If a pedestrian makes eye contact with you while crossing, then you should go ahead and allow them to pass. Even if the pedestrian is not crossing in a designated crosswalk, you should still allow them to pass.

4.) Young children, older people and disabled people require more time to cross the street. You should give them extra time to cross.

5.) If you see a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk, then you should not pass it. It could be waiting for someone to cross the street.

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