Dangers Of A Faulty Air Bag

closeup image of inflated airbag

In 2013, a massive recall of cars began that contained the Takata Airbag Systems. A few lines of the Honda brand were experiencing random deployment of the airbags, and some were experiencing explosive deployment of the airbags which were causing the containers to explode and send shrapnel through the vehicles.

By mid-2014, the recall expanded extensively, including multiple manufacturers and brands of cars. By 2015, the recall included over 34 million American cars and an additional 7 million cars in European and Asian markets.

Injuries Associated With The Airbag Recall

There have been several injuries associated with the defective airbags. These injuries include:

• Injuries caused by the explosive force of the airbag deployment.
• Injuries by shrapnel flying inside the vehicle because of the deployment
• Injuries caused upon impact with another vehicle because the airbag deployed incorrectly

Because of the explosive force of the airbag deployment, many people have suffered severe injuries, including:

• Head trauma and traumatic brain injury
• Neck and spine trauma
• Broken or fractured bones
• Bruised or damaged organs
• Lacerations from shrapnel

Additional injuries have been associated with the faulty deployment of these airbags. The above list only contains the most common injuries experienced by the accident victims.

New Updates On The Takata Airbag Recall

As of July 8, 2015, a new development has occurred with Takata airbags. The Takata company has begun using a new propellant to deploy the airbags in their new products and in the replacement airbags. On July 8, an airbag deployed in Japan in a passenger vehicle and ignited. Thankfully, the passengers or the driver were not burned, but they did receive injuries from flying shrapnel.

This newest product failure of the Takata airbag systems increases the dangers that drivers and their passengers face in vehicles that use this system.

If You Have Been Injured By An Airbag Deployment Seek Legal Help

If you have been injured by an airbag system that deployed with too much force or sent shrapnel flying through the vehicle, you are encouraged to seek legal representation. As an injury victim, you may be entitled to specific forms of compensation.

The Law Office of Mainor Wirth understands the seriousness of this problem and will aggressively represent your dangerous airbags case. Schedule a free consultation to have your case evaluated. Our professional staff will provide you with all the information you need to seek the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.