These Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Vegas

Interaction on Las Vegas street

While any road in Las Vegas can have hazards that lead to a car accident, certain intersections and areas of the city are more prone to crashes due to known risks. Las Vegas car accident attorneys know that these areas put drivers at higher risk. Looking at intersections with high crash statistics will help drivers take the right precautions on the roads.

Las Vegas Dangerous Intersections

Specific intersections have a higher risk of a crash than others. Whether they are driving or walking near these areas, they should take note and be more aware of what other drivers on the road with them are doing. Specifically, these areas have been noted by Las Vegas car accident attorneys and law enforcement officials to be at higher risk:

  • Charleston Boulevard and Lamb Boulevard
  • Tropicana Avenue and several intersections, including Decatur Boulevard, Pecos Road, Rainbow Boulevard, Paradise Road, and Koval Lane
  • Sahara Avenue and Rainbow Boulevard
  • Warm Springs Road and Eastern Avenue

What Makes an Intersection at Higher Risk

So what makes these intersections riskier? According to Las Vegas car accident attorneys, sometimes, it is poor design. If the design of the intersection limits visibility or makes it difficult for drivers to know when it is their turn to enter, it can lead to a greater risk for a crash.

Distractions in Las Vegas are common. The many hotels and lights in the city can distract drivers. Some of these intersections are at higher risk because of so many things to see.

Other driver behaviors can make intersections dangerous as well. For instance, drivers who drive too fast, drive while fatigued, fail to follow posted signs or drive under the influence increase crash risk. Certain parts of the city are more prone to these types of behaviors from drivers, which is why they are higher crash risk areas.

Growing Problem with Distracted Driving in Las Vegas

Las Vegas car accident attorneys also warn that distracted driving is a growing problem in the community. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 3,000 deaths every year occur due to distracted driving. Distractions can be from phones, but they can also be tending to children or pets in the car, putting on makeup or brushing hair, and even eating or drinking while driving. Drivers can keep Las Vegas roads safer by being cautious in dangerous intersections and avoiding these types of distractions.