Common Injuries Seen in Nevada Hotels

Man falling down on lobby ground, hotel injuries

The hotels and resorts that have become a Nevada vacationer’s oasis for decades may not be as safe as they initially seem. In fact, there are a number of hidden hazards lurking throughout even some of the most prestigious of Las Vegas getaways. Although hotel owners and managers often perform frequent inspections, maintenance and repairs in their facilities, accidents and other incidents that cause injuries can and often do occur. Some of the more common injuries sustained include:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls: Injuries incurred from slips, trips and falls are often experienced in hotels, casinos and resorts in Nevada. Uneven flooring, worn carpeting, wet or slippery floors and stairways in disrepair are often the culprit when these types of injuries occur.
  • Swimming Pool Areas: Swimming pools and surrounding areas are extremely hazardous. When the concrete or other hard surface that typically surrounds a swimming pool becomes wet it can be very slippery, causing guests to fall. In many cases, these types of incidents cause broken bones, head trauma and other types of serious injuries.
  • Furnishings and Fixtures in Disrepair: Nevada hotels often host a significant number of guests throughout the year and as a result, many updates and repairs are sometimes overlooked. A loose handrail, old chair, or even a burnt out light bulb can result in a visitor’s injury.
  • Bedbugs: These tiny insects are a serious problem for the hotel industry. Since they are extremely difficult to see, an infestation can remain unnoticed and become out of control. Their bites often cause human skin to blister. Since the effects are sometimes not seen for hours or even days after a bite occurs, however, hotel guests often unknowingly transport the bugs on their clothing and in their bags, causing an infestation in their homes. A bedbug infestation can cost thousands of dollars to eradicate.
  • Assaults: Hotels in Nevada are required to provide adequate security for their guests. Unfortunately, criminals often prey upon unsuspecting vacationers, and physical and psychological injuries and even fatalities sometimes occur.

A hotel’s liability for personal injuries suffered by guests is not limited to the interior of its facility. In addition to the interior of a facility, hotels are obligated to protect guests from reasonably foreseeable harm that might occur on hotel shuttle buses, parking lots, commons areas, and any other property locations where guests are free to move about.