How to File a Car Insurance Claim in Las Vegas if it’s Not Your Fault

Passing a folder with claims label to another person

To file a car insurance claim in Las Vegas, Nevada, the claimant should first have an attorney evaluate the case and recommend the best course of action. The next step should be contacting the responsible insurance company, either by phone or by submitting the claim online. When making the claim, the claimant should provide details of the at-fault driver, including full name, driver’s license number, and policy number, if possible.

Filing a Car Accident Claim in Las Vegas, Nevada

When filing a car insurance claim in Las Vegas, Nevada, proving the other party is at fault is important. Gathering as much information as possible from the scene of the accident is crucial in this regard. The claimant should note down the witnesses’ contact details and take photos or video footage of the accident scene. Victims should check for traffic camera footage that recorded the accident as well.

The claimant should also note any damage to both vehicles involved and any injuries that may have occurred to him or her and passengers. Seeing a doctor immediately after the crash can prove helpful when the claimant is filing a claim. From the time an accident happens to the time of filing a claim, the claimant should avoid admitting fault, even if he or she partially contributed to the accident.

Insurers may ask for the registration numbers of the vehicles involved, the names of the accident victims, and the policy number. Other details that the claimant should note down are the driver’s license numbers and anything that could help prove fault after the accident. The claimant should present medical invoices and receipts for car repairs or replacement if needed.

Should the Claimant Seek Legal Support before making a claim?

After a car crash, claimants are reasonably frightened. They usually don’t have the full account of what happened. They may assume they are liable when they aren’t. They may even ignore early signs of car crash injuries. An injury attorney in Las Vegas can guide the claimant through the entire process to help the claimant understand precisely what to tell the insurance provider. The objective is to avoid admitting fault or divulging too much information than necessary.  

The attorney who is familiar with car insurance claims can help the claimant stand a better chance at obtaining maximum compensation. The attorney can also analyze the specifics of the car crash to determine if the claimant has solid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party.