What Is Negligent Security In Las Vegas?

a security guard standing in front of a barrier

What is negligent security? In a state where there are casinos, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants, every commercial property owner or occupier in Nevada has a duty to provide adequate security for their customers and employees. Security systems, devices cameras and personnel are positioned throughout commercial establishments, but people continue to get injured. Negligent security is attributable in part for many criminal attacks on members of the general public.

Premises liability
Violent crimes are committed in hotels, casinos, shopping centers, office buildings and other places that are typically open to the public. Lawsuits involving inadequate security, inadequately secured storage or common areas, insufficient lighting and failure to warn the public of criminal activity on or around a premises continue to be brought. For many years, it was well established that an owner or occupier of land had no duty to protect anybody from the criminal acts of a third party unless some type of special relationship existed between the owner/occupier and the injured party. One of those special relationships is when the injured party was on the premises for the financial benefit of the owner/occupier. A duty then arises for the owner/occupier to take care in discovering that criminal acts are occurring or likely to occur on or about the premises, give warning to visitors, or otherwise protect them from those criminal acts.

Nevada premises liability
Courts in Nevada have recognized that owners and operators of businesses have a duty to protect against or prevent foreseeable criminal acts against their customers or anybody else lawfully on their premises by providing adequate security. If they fail to provide such security, they can be held liable for injuries caused to customers by the criminal acts of third parties.

In proving negligent security, the injured party must show that the owner/occupier had a duty to provide adequate security on the premises. What constitutes adequate security depends on the nature of the business and the physical layout of the premises. A breach of that duty must then be shown. Compensable damages must then be proved. These are often shown through records of hospitalization and lost earnings.

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security cases involve very complicated investigation and litigation. Victims of muggings, attacks, rapes or other violent crimes are in need of skilled and experienced Nevada personal injury trial lawyers. Mainor Wirth is an aggressive Nevada personal injury law firm that has been highly successful with obtaining justice for victims of negligent security. Call a negligent security attorney at Mainor Wirth if you believe that you or somebody close to you was injured as a result of inadequate security. Injury victims deserve to be compensated fairly in their negligent security settlements.