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When Businesses Breach Their Duty of Care

Businesses have a duty of care that includes protecting their clients from financial and physical harm. When a business breaches this duty of care, it can be held liable for the injuries or financial damages these actions create. In Nevada, individuals must show that actual damages resulted. It is not[…]

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Liability for the Route 91 Shooting in Las Vegas

Liability for the Las Vegas shooting that occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Festival may be shared by MGM Resorts, festival organizer Live Nation, and others whose actions led to or contributed to the loss of life, physical injuries, and psychological trauma that occurred. The actions and response of each[…]

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Do Small Trucks Fall Short on Safety?

Driving small trucks may pose a considerable risk of injury or death for drivers. As with compact cars, small trucks have less mass which means they have reduced capacity to absorb the energy that is transmitted in an automobile accident. Many small truck owners purchase smaller trucks to save money[…]

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