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Who Pays in an Über or Lyft Accident?

The peer-to-peer car service companies Über and Lyft changed the rules of taxi services with their appearance on the market. With market values of over $60 billion for Über and $2.5 billion for Lyft, these two companies have a strong hold on this new market. Insurance regulations and the legal system are still trying to catch up and create a framework that properly regulates this new service. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney knows that it is very unclear what happens when someone is injured or killed in an accident involving an Über or Lyft driver.

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Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Motorcyclists and bicyclists are both terribly vulnerable when sharing the road with automobiles. Neither has steel body around them for protection, nor do they have seat belts or airbags. When they’re hit by a motor vehicle, motorcyclists and bicyclists are at much higher risk for serious injuries or fatalities than[…]

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