Steps to Take After an Accident with a Grubhub Driver

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Grubhub and similar services rely on contractors with little training and minimal supervision which increases the risk of a delivery driver accident. Individuals who are involved in collisions with these drivers must take specific steps to pursue compensation. Las Vegas car accident attorneys can guide individuals through the process.

Delivery Driver Accident Liability

Grubhub drivers are required to carry liability insurance on their vehicles. This insurance must comply with Nevada’s state-established minimum requirements. Drivers must have at least $25,000 for the victim’s recovery, a group recovery of $50,000, and property damage of $20,000. A motor vehicle accident can eat this up very quickly. Grubhub does not provide this insurance because its drivers are independent contractors.

When a delivery driver accident occurs, the first step is not to contact Grubhub. Rather, injured drivers will deal with the defendant’s insurance provider. There are limited circumstances when Grubhub may bear liability. For example, if the company was negligent in hiring the driver, did not terminate the employment of a dangerous driver, or failed to perform a thorough background check on the driver, Grubhub may be liable. Las Vegas car accident attorneys can help determine who victims should sue in these types of situations. Evidence, such as traffic camera footage, can aid in making this determination.

Adhering to Filing Requirements

As with any accident in Las Vegas, all injured parties should receive prompt and proper medical care. Delaying treatment can prolong recovery, diminish patient outcomes, and make recovering compensation in an injury claim more difficult. Accident victims should thoroughly document their injuries, the treatments they receive, and the expenses associated with the injury. Maintaining a diary that records everything from pain medication taken and treatments received, to the impact of the injury on employment, relationships, and beloved activities is also advised.

In Nevada, individuals have two years from the date of the motor vehicle accident to file an injury claim. Failing to file in the appropriate timeframe typically results in a dismissal of the claim. Working with an attorney early on can help ensure that everything is in order and that all the documentation required to support the claim is collected and prepared. The more time an individual has to solidify the facts of the claim, the more likely a favorable outcome will be achieved.