Did a DoorDash Driver Ding Your Car?

a deliver man is riding an electronic motorcyle

As more “gig workers” take to the road for services like DoorDash, the number of motor vehicle accidents involving “delivery drivers” is on the rise. Poor training, lack of supervision, poor vehicle maintenance, and rushed schedules can contribute to these accidents. When motorists are struck by an independent contractor for these services, it is a safe bet that the contractor’s insurer will point the finger at everyone but the client. As a result, many claims involving contracted delivery drivers can take significant time to conclude.

Does DoorDash Have Automobile Insurance?

DoorDash provides auto insurance coverage for their dashers, however, this coverage only applies while the driver and vehicle are on active duty. The provided insurance only covers accidents that occur from the time the order is accepted until the time the delivery reaches the customer. This factor leaves a significant amount of time when accidents involving dashers are the responsibility of the individual’s insurance carrier.

DoorDash’s insurance only applies after the individual’s insurance policy denies the claim. This can take time, and it means that injured parties must wait for the paperwork to go through one insurance carrier before it reaches DoorDash’s carrier. It is a significant inconvenience, and it means that victims have to sit back and wait as the individual’s insurer and DoorDash’s insurance carrier play hot potato with the claim.

Dealing with Frustrations

Delivery driver accidents can be frustrating because it means dealing with not one, but possibly three or more insurance companies. There can be significant back and forth between these entities, and a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help guide plaintiffs through the process. Victims involved in an accident with a DoorDash driver, UberEats driver, etc. often retain legal counsel to ensure their rights are protected and that they don’t agree to a settlement offer that leaves them on the hook for their medical bills and long-term recovery expenses. 

A personal injury attorney can help ensure any victims receive the appropriate medical care, tests, and therapies required to preserve their long-term health and recovery prospects. Delaying care and treatment can significantly impact the individual’s health, ability to work, and ability to return to the lifestyle enjoyed before the motor vehicle accident.